What are there in your house?

What are There In Your House?

What do you remember about rooms and things you have in your house? Is there any room that makes you comfortable spend your time there? Let’s now look into each room of your house and the things inside there!

Living Room

The living room is usually the main room of your house. It is the most commonly accessible part of the house. It usually has a sofa and a TV. The living room is the perfect place for the whole family to hang out together. When your family members are expecting some guests, this is the room where they will sit and talk.

What are there in your living room?


The bedroom is where you sleep every night. It is also where you keep most of your personal belongings, such as clothes, toys, school books, and more. Each family member typically has their own bedroom, but it can also be shared, like the case with your mom and dad. A bedroom is a private room because your family members need the owner’s permission before entering the bedroom. Don’t forget to knock when entering someone else’s room!

What are there in your bedroom?


The kitchen is where your mother cooks breakfast and dinner for the family. This room usually smells like food. The kitchen is where you can find cooking utensils such as pans, spatulas, spoons, plates, and more, which you can use to cook. Please be careful! Some items that you find there may be sharp or hot to touch.

What are There in Your Kitchen

Now look at the outside. Do you see these things?

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